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Lafayette Creek Hike, QT web

Hikers find fall color and a pygmy rattlesnake, but didn't find a local alligator before reaching the confluence of the creeks. After that, the trail was mostly underwater, at times above the knees. The creek and trail were completely submerged. All hikers returned to dry ground, gnarly trees, rare pitcher plants, strange fungus growths, and fields of mostly yellow wildflowers.

This hike was part of the North Florida Regional Fall Conference of the Florida Trail Association, Choctawhatchee and Western Gate Chapters. It was on the Florida National Scenic Trail starting at the Lafayette Creek Trailhead on Hollington Road at 1:30 PM, October 24, 2009.

The hike parallels Lafayette Creek from its confluence with Magnolia Creek to the Hollington Trailhead. It was flooded by a storm the day before. There are almost always some short muddy areas. This part of the trail is actually in a water management district. Archery hunting season was open but we did not see any hunters or arrows. See the Magnolia Creek Hike and Hollington Rd. East Hike videos. See the locations on a Google map.

The Nokuse Plantation is the largest private reforestation project east of the Mississippi. The land is being restored to its native character and is a sanctuary for wildlife. The Florida Trail is the only public access to this conservation area.

These views of the Florida National Scenic Trail are from NW Florida, the panhandle. To see the referenced movie on this page, you need QuickTime 7+, available at Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing. Alternatively, see a QuickTime alternate or Flash version.

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