Carolyoga - A daily routine

Here are some of the areas of the practice I call carolyoga. It incorporates many yoga poses and features I've learned from books, online and friends. However, there are exercises from childhood on and many new creations that keep coming to me out of the blue.

In 1973 Bob Berdeen taught me how to stand on my head. In 1983 my sister Mary White loaned me a book, Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan, by Richard Hittleman. I have followed the plan ever since.

Hatha Yoga ++ and other

Bass lake, California
I lived in the state of California, USA. Grant Park is a relatively wild area located close to the San Francisco bay area, yet high in the hills near the Mt. Hamilton observatory. On December 21, 1991, at Bass Lake, a flower of consciousness appeared in a vision. This setting seemed like a good place to show some ways to celebrate carolyoga, as I do. However, by 2014, I've moved on.

See positions. Carolyoga chants as audio to visualizing an evolutionary being. (Not much here, but lots is planned, so please return.)

carolyoga start Carolyoga Start.

Carolyoga Color Healing movie Carolyoga Color Healing.

Carolyoga Backbend + Carolyoga Backbend +.

Carolyoga Orbits Galactic movie Carolyoga Orbits Galactic.

Color healings, the annual cycle

Each day I do yoga in the light of a color healing graphic on the computer. The one shown here is from 1996. The layout has evolved since then, when you needed to be aware that the number of colors is limited on an 8-bit display. The colors in the original healing are different and are chosen from pure rainbow colors. The Web browser in 1997 had under 90 pure rainbow colors in its lookup table for 256-color displays. If your display supports thousands or millions of colors, what you see is closer to what I see.

You can get your own color healing, along with descriptions of the parts, by clicking here.

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