Sun raying solstice from galactic center to you 2017

Expanding and synergizing groups of five cells into evolving structures. Happy 2018!

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DLSP forest walk. When I walked in here I saw all these ghosts of Carolings that have walked in here. Now I'm feeling this drop array blinking like a signal board or something. Like a body brain. I guess this kundalini is either tuning me into more dimensions than I'm used to or it has turned on my creative imagination to give me a story that it could be. Enriching.

Seeing the deer lichen carpeting in the forest as drops. Saw the variegated sparkling and activity that I had sensed in my aura/body, coming the other way.


Finished re-reading A Wrinkle In Time. " Tessering" is to travel in time or space with the concept of a Tesseract which is a 5D object. Contrary to what I thought, the book doesn't detail it. Just said that Father didn't tesser right, when doing it for the government. Why would one travel with a temporal/spacial dimensional concept? Anyway the idea that love is what keeps us from evil is of course a cliche. But maybe is how people interpret evolutionary intensity, like has happened to me twice at ECMS.

Doing some searching, found out that the movie Interstellar that I stalked on TV last year has time/space travel through tesseract and love is key, just like wrinkle. The Wolfram Research/MathWorld description of Tesseract has a list of movies where it appears.


This morning really love yesterday's song. I feel at the start needs some complexity to lead in from the multiplicity of the world to the singularity of the flows. I'm hearing the Zen bell thread, maybe in and out of this meditation. Also a sharp sound. Yesterday I got it by drumming on a glass with some water in it with the tea bag squeezer.

This could be the sound for the whole movie. Starting on the forest porch, raising arms, visualizing hood, zooming out as channels form and drops flow down. Most movies we see are team works, symphonic. Individual's vision is a different art form. Like a solo? This movie can just be sound sometimes. And just be still sometimes. And just be moving sometimes. To zoom into its components. Aside from the end, just sound and no sound, could there be no sound somewhere within? I see that when emphasize the black hole. Which strangely enough I'm seeing as transportation.

Here's a sequence idea. The black hole glows. 2s. Rays of hood gradually draw down to form cap. 2s. Array of drops in environment somehow gathered into black hole, the wholeo galaxy prototype. 2s. Drops appear at ends of rays. Enlarge dropping down to figure. 2s. Then to pool. 10s total start. This is all without setting or figure.

Another sequence idea. Start with 2s of forest with moving fog. Figure raises hands and stops where hands directly above black hole. At this point the black hole begins to glow, the person and background fade. From now on we are in the dark or a greatly dimmed down version until streaming figure arises. More.


I don't like the music I hear. Somehow the beat, frequency and words are not matching my experience. Just sang it. Seems to invite changing speeds.

Also need more drops in space. Some bigger up front. Some smaller, receding. In music (music?) punctuation/time with the emphasis changes. All I saw was drops accumulating and doing their own rhythm at the foot. Does patina fish tail appear slowly? I should make of movie of drawing it. I see the cross hatching lines appearing in rhythm with the beat. Oh I wish the dropping strands could waver as kelp forest. More.


It is one of those wake-up-way-too-early-but-so-excited-about-publishing-day-that-I-can't-go-back-to-sleep days. 3:20am. I am thinking pearl step and wondering how kundalini fits with that. So similar. It is like Leo coming in to life like a Lion and going out like a Buffalo. Like an evolving representation, that is. Could a drop be a dynamic pearl? It looks like it. It is directional and implies movement, even time. Whereas a pearl is still. More.


Reading a Noosphere message from Time is Art people, I feel hardly any resonance beyond the feeling that people's consciousness of the noosphere is limited. I can't get the frequency and time arguments or see what a calendar has to do with it. Also can't see a divine plan or time lords. Not part of my awareness.

Walking in the forest, doing pearl-step, pearl-pearl-step in word and tone. At one point it seemed like the streams of drops flared up like a skirt or tent. Near to that time I had a sense I could leave this body for that one. This body would drop down dead and I would soar off separately, yet with all aspects of that completely unknown.

I have integrated Woman's Kundalini hand position and streaming visualization into Carolyoga. More


I'm having Woman's Kundalini vision++. The drops flow down, reminding me of the strange jellyfish with illumination in the deep of the ocean. Drops of light finding a dark woman body I don't know well. Rather mermaid-like. The drops running in meridians, forming at the base, below feet one drop that is a reservoir. The dark body has the features of flowing over breasts and pregnant belly, rather like those ancient swelling neolithic goddess figures.

I don't know if the kundalini is response to the serpent power arousal or if it is an arousal that is a drop power arousal in the other direction. I don't know how much of the kundalini culture and description can be adapted to this new energy discovery. Am I discovering or exploring? OK, both work. For example, when Hiram Bingham was exploring in Peru, he found Machu Picchu that had existed all along. But he discovered it for tourists and enabled new uses. I don't know if my finding these structures is analogous to that. I did put it in mystical camping at a ritual time so haven't found it as carolyoga yet. But it feels like it is going there. This drop becoming like earth pool. Also related to the lightness I've been feeling. Often I feel dance-like in movement and gravity-free.

Mermaid fish-fin feet stir pool to access the earth currents. Of inner pool. Making dark body a conductor. This connects into deep belonging like being a member of a contributory crew to some aspect of evolution not part of my awareness previously. Like a dark landscape of similar operations conducted by others. Drops up more like flowers with petals 4 or five that don't seem to impede the drop flow like it would in air against gravity. The petals seem to carve or maybe touch channel edges on and in arising. Rose gold, galaxy green and spirit blue. Channel edges like a third rail for electric-powered train. But more like the edges of a tube, so all the petal edges conducting. Like hot-air balloons in profile.

I need to get images of the process in the movie that I can't see without internet. Next I'll have that and the completion of the circuit in stills. Seems like I have new eyes and action in the dark. Or a dark.

Our evolution is not only to go to Mars, but to create new worlds stemming from this consensus 3D world but seemingly in the dark, not dependent on sunlight to be seen, with its own inner illumination. Not dependent on gravity to cohere. Having it's own inner energy forming abilities. Not sure about time. Or how relates to brain expansion or Elobeing. More.


Going through the file folders of Wholeo Dome stuff looking for things to send to The Farm glass people. Have to admit to a weighty impression of futility. Nailing it were the criticisms from book publishing companies and potential Wholeo Dome locations. Statements like: not on our topic, need financing, not sketchy enough for this, not professional enough for that, finer lines. Then there were the failed nibbles, the people who tried to promote Wholeo and my books for me. Some big names and institutions approached and receded. I am of two minds about it. One I know that Pirsig tried harder to promote his book than I did, approached more publishers before finally getting support. I can see my publishing and even my artwork now are just one long try at being a successful artist with pretty much the same message. Is what keeps me going simply the value to me? Yes. Two in spite of any efforts I make to help The Farm resurrect Wholeo Dome, I haven't much hope.


Does the spirit coil pick up the drops from the cap? Are the drops related to cosmic juices? Where does this cap go from here? Just saw that it over-arched the meditation group. Drops to all. Did I write that I saw it also going to each cell, tiny. More.

Seems like I'm seeing analogous things. Like the assertion that you are God. For me that doesn't work but the idea that everything is the whole from a certain perspective. Not in any way separate, just able to provide a different viewpoint to awareness. I can put this on to become a node in a net of peace. Started looking at this stuff, good rhythm, good movement: School of Movement videos


I got sucked into the Facebook whirlpool. Whitney asked for a yin resolution. What am I resolving to accept? I said the fleeting nature of plans. When future meets present and they are widely different, laugh. Have I been doing that? Can I do it better? We shall see. Or we won't see. Can we hope to see? If we don't will we know it?

Mostly intensity in meditation. Had a non-corporeal experience, kind of like the way I can see part of my nose, but it is transparent. This was more non-spacial. Like I could see my body but not be a part of it's weight or positioning. Felt somewhat dissociated but also levitated. I explored the ring of meditators somehow. Grateful for it.

Woman's kundalini appeared. Like a hood of stars. It is so mystical I just am in awe of it. Perplexed because here I am describing parts of it, features of it but not enough to establish it. More.

During meditation intensity was building up with the feeling of how can this be any more so? Ding, the ending bell rang. It felt like my inner core intensity and the outer intensity of sound were continuous and causally related. Like hitting the ground and the mercury pressure rises up the shaft and rings the bell.

Later one of the 4 women in the small group that had shared that we all had experienced body scan before in various ways came up to me. She said "I want to share my perception of your warm strong aura and loving feelings". I said it is a wonderful group of people or I love group meditation. I thought that thanking her would be an ego-driven response, as though I tried to exude, or valued being more loving than others. My feeling was, no it is intensity. My experience is just a degree of being burningly intense. No other descriptors.


About Woman's Kundalini. Call it channeling. Seeing the two hands as double risen snake heads. Let's call it Kundalini++. How can I photograph the two hands the way I see them with fingers pointed to eyes? The two palms cupped. A Visionary Meditation page has a hand position that is a precursor to this. Mosque-top thumbs. There I have the knuckles and palms overlapped to cup crystalline earth. I'm getting the feeling that Womans kundalini remains risen. Does not have to be repeatedly energized from below. Cap can be Geome cupped.

Drop from arrayReading the text I am so moved. The white orbs that remind me of devas of Peru now remind me of the flying drops I saw with respect to drops on cap. I have a better name for it: kundalini cap. The shape is expanded cap as in head covering. The only association that is problematic is that a "cap" often encloses and stops something within. Whereas this channels from without.

I'm learning so much today. What can I possibly publish? I did not record in journal when I saw drops as an array. How about a graphic of my drawing over the water drops on the screen on the retreat? Well as it turned out in Photoshop, the screen did not get in. Dissolve blending did a lot for the background. I did get the feeling of a flying radiant-drop. More.


Having so many crashes of computer when working on video that I stopped and researched exactly what new iMac Pro I should order. I hope throwing thousands of dollars cures this problem.


I've considered following 7 Days of Rest, a global internet project. Considered joining Panama City Pagans. Did not go on any of the first-day hikes I knew were happening. About all I've done is what is almost frame-by-frame progress on my woman kundalini video. At night I did brave the freezing cold to get a picture of the full moon with the constellation Orion and the star Sirius.


Trying to describe my web work to someone. I find that I present the same vagueness that so disturbs me about the word "God". When I say "kundalini" to someone it might not only be unfamiliar to them, it is incredibly difficult for me to pin down. It is easy to get a limited description which would not relate to my use of it. I feel like I fell off a cliff. I don't know anything else to do except climb back up and continue my personal journey. Many times I have not understood aspects of my guidance for years after I got and followed it.


With respect to the wakeup meditation vision of 12-21, searching for kundalini in, an ad came up at the top of the search results page. says kundalini is the evolutionary energy residing in the human body. Later they say it is a mechanism linking the activity of the reproductive system and the brain. Pranayama stimulates the center at the base of the spine near the sex organs. My vision indicates a separate process. Not linked to sex organs or chakras or flow charts of ancient systems. Reading 2017-11-02 web log, says kundalini was sphere expansion.

Working on the solstice vision art. Have sort of cap with clumsy drops so far. Seems there might be a small elliptical oval at the top, from which exude the drops of nectar that flow down the ribs and replenish the end drops. They do not fall but fade and so are renewed by the flow. Each rib different timing so all drops not falling at once. Still don't have a description of function, duration, occasion and so on. That is, don't know much about it. Kundalini is an orgasmic fountain increase in awareness. This is more like a thinking cap.

During yoga got a hand position for activating or channeling the woman kundalini. Tried to get some photos of one arm. The backs of the straightened fingers from knuckles down are pressed together. Both arms are fully raised and stretched back so fingers are pointing at the cap and thus down to the bald spot on the head. This is like at the top of the head but toward the back 3 or 4", matched up with the center of the tilted cap. Thumbs are together pointing back. I guess I need a tripod setup and movie to try to visualize it.

It is an evolution of the hand position for visionary meditation.



Just caught an anomaly with respect to Carolyoga Noosphere and wholeOOsphereing. Previously it was five brain cells expanding. Then I experienced all cells expanding as shown at the top of the page. I don't remember having had guidance that cells also have cube structure. Am I making some assumption that is invalid?


I can't find the pic I remember from an old journal entry. It is of my head with a shape like a colander inverted over my head, maybe a hemisphere about 3" from my skull all around. Coming over my eyes, through mid-ears, just above hairline in back. It is dotted or dashed lines radiating from the center of the top of the hemisphere. At the end of each line is a drop or droplet. The main reason I wanted to find it is to read the guidance that came with it. Now writing this, I see a form with drops or pearls set into the line. Spaced 2" apart. This expanded skull cap may serve as antenna. Something like a crown for European royalty. Or is it related to five brain cell coordination. There are at least 12 strands. More.

I feel like I could die any minute. I feel like my art is so important the whole world should know about it, see it, understand where it is coming from and where it is going. On the other hand there is an equally strong feeling that the purpose of this adventure is for me to follow the threads, for me to see it. It is not about fixing the insights into matter or needing to be seen by anyone else.


I was doing a lot of mind-wandering last night. Alternated with pure intensity of being. There were a few powerful visions. One was of EIEnor with wholeopens, a large one in the middle of the room, while smaller ones poured forth as in my graphic of the week. Suddenly I felt like a mentor or way-shower where cells all around were getting it. Was it even molecules of stuff? Like everything coming into this greater organization of matter?


For the first day of this mini-retreat see 2017-12-20. This morning I slept through the alarm and missed synchronized birthday solstice meditation with my daughter. She did better for both of us, writing:

Happy Birthday Caroling, such a beautiful spirit I am so blessed to be connected to! Happy Winter Solstice! It may be the darkest moment but I feel the lightest. I am at this time "Lizzie Magenta" and I bring a sparkly pink Magic that seasons the space between atoms, brings things together and allows for the best possible outcome to happen. It is about relaxing, straightening out, sitting up straight, breathing in deeply, being warm and feeling connected. It is an authentic, it is an intimate, it is opened up! As Lizzie Magenta I am heading into a year of new possibilities, operating at a new frequency and sense of understanding. I am standing on a bedrock of faith that "everything is going to be OK" and that I am bringing value and that I am here because I am supposed to be. I am here for cookies and hugs and I give them too. There are so many gifts to open and we can do it together! Amen Ache!!!! The boys got up without protest and we said a prayer for you. Here are individual Birthday wishes from the boys: Hans: Stay healthy! Max: Have a GREAT day! Leo: Have fun today!

I did meditate and wrote:

Lizzie Magenta I’m with you between atoms. Thank you for the gift of connecting the colors of my day. Meditating solstice birthday with my birthed one made it clear that the radiant one is a choice. Ongoing for me now this morning. I am out of words but full of {heart symbol}.

Oh yes and it (serpent power) is not kundalini for an evolving female. There is a radiant source like a hair drier hood of sparks to be attended. More.

I'm so thrilled that my stellar daughter can access her mistical mystical queen self. She found Lizzie Magenta. For me those words have instant meanings, not sure if is true for her. Arrow. For me how quizzically ironic that the archer of Sagittarius arrow of alignment is what it is all, all, all, about. But Lizzie is what Mel first said was not her name, after he had named her Elizabeth. Magenta for me is the queen color, no the beyond color that is the continuum of the color wheel, that connects ultra violet blue with ultra infra red orange ness. The ultimate between. And it is ironically true of being mixed. Divine mediator.

From the slightly rosier fog in the SE, I guessed sunrise direction about 6:40AM CST.

Solstice meditation was aligned, balanced, tuned in. I must have been profoundly immersed because my words on video are muffled and there is no memory. Try to keep this alignment for one year. When I come back and all is the same. Just coming in costume.

At night I conducted the Emerald Coast Meditation Society meeting.

I had forgotten the solar-powered lantern to act as the sun but came up with a better metaphor. Our circle was the earth. The fountain out in the courtyard was the sun and the north pole was the galactic center. The alignment was important for me with opened emotions of joy and success vs out of control situation. Writing this it seems that I can control the galaxy. Nothing is out of my control. That I don't understand. But I did become aware when talking about a central alignment that my feelings are OK but I don't have to be identified with them. Funny, during the day after I realized that kind of truth, all the expressions of wishing good things for people seemed so pointless. Feelings are what people have and it doesn't matter the degree of things you like about them. What matters is the completeness of humanness you are able to be, authentically, and yet not be identified with them. If not identified, then what, MS mind guru. Not. Yaani said she liked hearing how I came to Zen. Cindi was so complementary about liking to listen to me talk. How I pick just the right word. A new woman said she would not have come here if she had not been attracted by the ECMS online. That makes it clear that the online outreach is important. At least for one woman.

Quarter Days

Some of these might appear chronologically if there are relevant comments.

2018-03-20 Advance Equinox or March equinox - March 20 at 16:15 GMT (March 20 at 11:15AM CDT).

2018-06-21 Inner Solstice - June 21 at 10:07 GMT (June 21 5:07AM CDT)

2018-07-25 Day out of Time - July 25. Day Out of Time.

2018-09-22 Follow Equinox or September equinox - September 23 at 1:54 GMT (Sept. 22 at 8:54PM CDT) International Day of Peace

2018-12-21 Outer Solstice or December solstice - December 21 at 22:22 GMT (4:22PM CST).

Sun raying solstice from galactic center to you

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